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  • Novatec mozzo D041SB D042SB disco di carta freno MTB mountain bike cuscinetto mozzo bicicletta mozzi 28 32 36 Fori nero rosso 8/9/10/11speed

Novatec mozzo D041SB D042SB disco di carta freno MTB mountain bike cuscinetto mozzo bicicletta mozzi 28 32 36 Fori nero rosso 8/9/10/11speed

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Tags: maza novatec mozzo, ruota libera novatec, mozzo posteriore bicicletta prom, novatec d041sb caps, d042sb, novatec d792 posteriore, hub koozer, mozzo novatec 28 fori, novatec 36, mozzo novatec.

€55.20 €44.16

Introduzione di prodotto Marca: Novatec D041SB/D042SB cuscinetti Sigillati: anteriore 2 cuscinetti , posteriore a 4 cuscinetti Peso: Anteriore: circa 213g ; Posteriore: circa 492g Foro: 24/28/32/36 foro O. L. D.: anteriore 100mm / posteriore 135mm P. C. D: 58mm F. T. F: anteriore 62mm posteriore / 58.4 mm Forma : 8/9/10/11 velocità cassette Hub modello:Novatec D041SB/D042SB Assale materiale:front-AL7075 / posteriore-CrMo cuscinetti Sigillati: anteriore 2 / posteriore 4 O. L. D.: anteriore 100mm / posteriore 135mm Peso: anteriore 213g / posteriore 491g-ss o 414g-sa fori dei raggi: 32H / 36H Colore: nero / rosso Cassetta corpo:acciaio inossidabile (spessore. 8/9/10/11s) il Pacchetto include: 1 * un paio di hub 1 * Mozzo Sgancio Rapido

  • Categoria: Cuscinetto Mozzo
  • Marca: QILEJVS
  • Ha Parlato Foro: 29 - 36
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Materiale: ACCIAIO
  • Posizione: Anteriore + Posteriore
  • Mozzo Foro Numero: 28 Fori


The seller is a complete Balbes. Asked him to pack each sleeve individually in the newspaper, he replied that he would pack in a film. Well ok. The bushings are coming. Everyone's broken! The asshole packed in a pouty bag at once two bushings! Not an idiot? Naturally, the bushings beat each other. He ruined things with his stupidity. What was he thinking? In general, I doubt that there is anything to think about in his head. The dispute returned very little money. Now I have scratched bushings. I do not recommend the seller, buy in another place, from a more reliable seller.
Гарні. Не в перше замовив. Дяяка китайській промисловості за накат
Reutskaja Dash
Not recommend seller not sent the goods! Had open dispute to receive the refund! Larger disorder! Not worth the stress full

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